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About Gear Kong

RAAAAAWWW! It’s been a long and hard road for our giant ape chum King Kong. Tired of being a negative stereotype of death and destruction, he set out on a personal journey to rebrand himself, to once and for all become the king people have always wanted him to be, the retail king! Knowing he had an incredibly hard task ahead of him, especially after the Empire State Building incident in New York. He set out and traveled all over the world, looking for the most groovy and audacious products he could find, which would bring happiness and joy to people's lives all over the world. Going from merchant to merchant, everyday negotiating the prices on the best quality merchandise, he finally found the gear he was looking for. Gear which was worthy of his name, his image, his power, and his majesty. Gear that you can now only find today on his online store, Gear And henceforth, a new chapter in giant ape history began…

If there is anything you'd love to see here on our shop, just drop us a line at our contact page and we can certainly look into it. We run numerous stores across the web and our connections and reputation is strong. 



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